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Hello! I am Kendra. I am a coach, facilitator, and consultant. I am a leader and a visionary. I am a human being doing my best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a difference in the world.

I created this blog in fall 2005 when I chose to listen to a call to be of service on a global scale. I had always dreamed of doing international work, and well, since one of the things I do is coach people in following their dreams.... (you know).

I desire to contribute significantly to the greatness of humanity. Being deeply moved from my time in Nigeria through Global Citizen Journey in 2005 (we built a library and engaged in peace building efforts), I knew it was the beginning of a journey included in my vision for change.

I returned to Nigeria in July 2006 for 6 weeks to help create the documentary "Sweet Crude" as the photographer and to follow up on some projects we began (i.e. Microlending for women).

I believe in human potential and envision a world restored and flourishing, with greater dignity and balance for all.

I have a rich background in supporting people of diversity, including working with people with disabilities for over 10 years.

My business, "Spiritalive", provides strategies for individuals and organizations ready to ignite their potential and acheive new lasting levels of success.

I am committed to my own personal development as an avenue to best serve and enable others.

My practice is grounded in many years of focus and discipline in health & healing, yoga, ceremony, and music.

Through my travels, personal and spiritual journeys-such as my 6-day solo vision quest in Baja California, Mexico in 2003-I have gained a keen understanding of key life principles and practices that lead to a purposeful, authentic and joyful life.

I received my MA in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle.


nature, hiking, eating (esp. thai and sushi) music (from african drumming to ABBA...yes, it's true, disco gets me moving), dancing, singing (with friends and Christina Aguilara), quality time with family and friends, travel, engaging in rich dialogue, yoga, sweating (sweat lodge and sauna), peace and balance on earth, sunsets